Dean tightening church’s belt

The Arizona Republic reports on churches and the economy featuring The Lead’s own Nick Knisely and Trinity Cathedral where he serves as Dean.

W. Nicholas Knisely arrived in Phoenix three years ago to serve as dean of Trinity Cathedral downtown. “I came from Pennsylvania,” he says. “The housing market was just starting to go bust. I thought, ‘Well, I know what to do.’ “So he has tightened the belt of the Episcopal church. Although Trinity Cathedral isn’t hurting, the coffer’s growth has stagnated. The church now relies more on its congregation. Members are doing paint jobs that in the past would have been done by professionals. The same goes with mechanical repairs.

Perhaps owing to its location, the church’s congregation is diverse. “It’s straight, gay, Republican, Democrat, rich, poor, homeless, Latino, Anglo and kind of everybody,” Knisely says. “And they’re very generous.”

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