Death is now dead

Daily Reading for April 10 • Saturday in Easter Week

Morning awakes, and morn awaking sings;

Light speeds from heaven to earth with glowing wings.

Haste to the tomb! Ye mourners, haste, with glee!

Christ hath arisen, from death’s grim fetters free.

Gone are the night, the terror, and the gloom;

Christ hath arisen, and left the awful tomb.

Death now is dead, the grave hath lost its power;

Death and the grave are vanquished at this hour

Thou art the Christ, victorious Christ art Thou,

Death has no sting, and grave no victory now.

Glory to Thee, O Christ, Thy people bring;

Thou art our God, and our Immortal King.

An Easter hymn, from Hymns of the Apostolic Church, translated from the Greek by John Brownlie; found at

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