Deepening Worship through Art


It is Finished, 23″ x 16.5″. collagraph, 2005, by Sandra Bowden.

How can the arts deepen our practice of Christian worship? In this podcast, Dr. John Witvliet gives direction to this question. Witvliet recommends that we think about the primary actions of worship – prayer, proclamation of scripture and celebration of the Lord’s supper. Witvliet begins here with the key elements of worship, and expands into thinking about how different art forms can enhance and deepen each of those experiences.

Listen to the entire podcast, Episode 10 – Worship and the Artshere>

Dr. John Witvliet is director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and associate professor of music and worship at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary. He is the author of The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship and Worship Seeking Understanding. This interview was recorded at the Transforming Culture: A Vision for the Church and the Arts Symposium. is a podcast series designed to stimulate discussion about the stuff of Christian worship, including music, the arts, technology, and preaching.

Kevin Gibson has been on the pastoral staff of First Baptist Church, North Kansas City, Missouri, since June 2002. Intrigued with podcasting when his wife Christy created a podcast for a master’s level class in July 2007, Kevin ventured into podcasting on his own.

Sandra Bowden is a founding member of the board of Episcopal Church and Visual Arts. For over 30 years the signature element to Sandra Bowden’s work has been the inclusion of a Hebrew text, compacted by eliminating spaces between words and line, carefully inscribed, but not intended to be read. The text can be the image itself or sometimes it is located in layers of strata beneath the surface of the earth. Visit her website here >

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