Defections, faithful remnants, sales, and property disputes

Reports from the dioceses:

Diocese of Central Florida. Bishop Howe writes,

If you must leave, for conscience sake, I will do all in my power to make your leaving amicable. But when you make the decision to leave you immediately cease being a member of The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Central Florida. You immediately cease having any say in decisions regarding any congregation of the Diocese or its property.

Diocese of Georgia. Bishop Louttit writes,

October 2, 2007– I have just been informed that the rector and wardens of Christ Church, Savannah have voted to leave the Episcopal Church. It is important to clarify the ecclesiastical structure of our denomination. Parishes in our church are not separate congregations but are integral and constituent parts of a diocese and of the larger church. Should some individuals in a parish decide they can no longer be Episcopalians, that in no way changes the fact that Christ Church is and will remain a parish of the Episcopal Church in this diocese and will continue to occupy its present facilities.

Diocese of Rio Grande. Bishop Steenson writes in “A Godly Judgement“,

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has stated her insistence that the new congregation which is formed once the Episcopal congregation is duly dissolved does not affiliate with any other constituent Province or Diocese of the Anglican Communion. I hereby communicate her expectation to the Rector, Wardens, and Vestry and the new congregation that will be formed, and I ask them in good faith to honor this. I recognize, however, that this may be a matter to come before the Instruments of the Anglican Communion and that its ultimate resolution may lie with one or more of these Instruments.

The Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori (extract from The Living Church)

Asked if she were satisfied with the agreement by the Diocese of the Rio Grande to sell St. Clement Pro-Cathedral in El Paso, Texas, to the congregation, Bishop Schori said she had recommended two stipulations.

“I’ve told them that my two concerns are that the congregation not set up as another part of the Anglican Communion and that there is some reasonable assurance that it’s a fair sale,” she said.

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