Designers, writers offer alternatives to TEC’s USA Today advertisement

Some have responded to the ad placed by The Episcopal Church in Friday’s USA Today by providing options. Whether these were meant to address whatever correctives were deemed necessary, we’ll leave to you.

Over at Irenic Thoughts, Frank Logue (of Episconinja fame) has posted a few of the alternative ads.

As the USA Today ad comes and goes, we note the text of an ad penned by Dean Brian Baker of Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento for the Sacramento News and Review. Part of it riffs on John Lennon’s “Imagine.”


Everyone is welcome.

Community is created.

Greed and hunger are reduced.

Love is shared.

And religion too. It’s easy if you try.

And from Larry Graham of Atlanta – click image to enlarge

We%20Believe%20Jesus.JPG We%20Believe%20Love.JPG We%20Believe%20Church.JPG

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