Dialog: Jesus and Daniel #1

Many of our posters have objected to the portrayal of Jesus in “Daniel.” Some of these objections concern Jesus’ appearance (to Eurocentric, too 1960s.) Some have concerned Jesus’ sense of humor, which a number of posters regard as too flip. Some simply object to portraying Jesus as Daniel’s sometime companion rather than “Lord and Savior,” though I have to admit that I don’t really understand why the two should be mutually exclusive.

What I’d like to discuss is whether what this Jesus says seems true to what visitors to the blog consider the teachings of Christ. Let’s look at some dialog. This exchange comes early in the first episode. Click on Continue reading, have a look, and then check in with some thoughts if you are so moved.

As the scene starts, Daniel is in the car. He is opening his Vicodin.

Jesus, whom we don’t see yet, says: I thought you were going to cut back on those.

Then we see him.

Daniel says: have to play golf later, and my back is killing me

Jesus: Oh, come on.

Daniel: Okay, fine.

He puts the bottle in the glove compartment.

DANIEL: Y’know, I only take them occasionally. I’m in complete control of this.

JESUS: Right.

DANIEL: Could you fit more judgment into that right?

JESUS: Actually, yes I could.

DANIEL: Okay, okay. (He pauses.) I don’t know what to do about Grace. (She is his daughter who was busted for selling pot.)

JESUS: She’ll be fine. She’s a good girl.

DANIEL: We used to be so close. But, now…

JESUS: She’s almost an adult. Talk to her like one. Forget about the money problem, find some peace with Grace.

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