Dialog: Jesus and Daniel, 2

I think the show has gotten a bad rap on one particular point. I’ve read in any number of place that this TV Jesus is “winking at sin.” Exhibit A is that he supposedly tells Daniel that “Kids will be kids,” or words to that affect while they are discussing the sex life of Daniel’s son, Adam.

That just isn’t true. To read the dialog, click “continue reading.” Remember that at this point in the show, Daniel doesn’t know that his son is sexually active, and note that they aren’t discussing Adam’s sex life, but whether his new girlfriend will break his heart.

I think there is plenty of room for discussion about the ethics the Jesus of “Daniel” promotes. But on this oft-repeated point, I think he’s clean.

Daniel says… “You’ve been seeing a lot of Caroline.

Adam replies: You worried you might end up related to her father, Darth Vader?

DANIEL: Is it that serious?

ADAM: No… no. I just… y’know…

DANIEL: It’s okay. You don’t have to talk to me about it.

ADAM: Was Mom the first girl you ever got serious with?

DANIEL: Well, I had crushes, but… yeah. She was. I got lucky.

ADAM: Yeah. So did Caroline. … What can I say, I’ve got a killer smile.

DANIEL: You got that from me.

ADAM: I thought I had your eyes. (If you haven’t seen the show, the joke here is that Adam is adopted. He’s Chinese.)

DANIEL: C’mere. (They hug.) I don’t care what anybody says. You’re a good kid.

Just… take is slow, okay?

ADAM: Yeah, right. (I have to admit I can’t remember whether he says this sincerely or sarcastically.)

Adam takes off and Jesus appears.

JESUS: He is a good kid.

DANIEL: I worry about him. He’s got that hard shell, y’know, but underneath…

JESUS: Everybody has to go through it, Daniel. (This is as close as I’ve come to fiding anything like “Kids will be kids” in the script of the first two shows.)

DANIEL: Not my kids.

JESUS: Okay, I’ll make a note.

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