Did you really go to church this week?

“Did you really go to church this week? Behind the poll data”

From a Christian Century article from May 6th, 1998 by Kirk Hadaway and Penny Long Marler, p. 475

Regular church attendance is increasingly difficult, even for those committed to it. Sunday morning is no longer “sacred” time: job responsibilities, sports leagues, family outings, housework and many other things get in the way of traveling to a church building for worship at a scheduled time. And if you happen to miss church next weekend, will anyone know if you slept in, comforted a sick child, left town on business, or decided to have brunch at the Hyatt? Church attendance is increasingly a private matter, and it is correspondingly easier for each of us to maintain an idealized image of oursevles as regular attenders when in fact we may only manage to attend church two or three times a month at the most.

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