Digesting news from the dioceses

The Living Church rounds up developments at recent diocesan conventions.

California: Of trial rites for same sex blessings in Bishop Andrus said, “the resolution writers have honored the spirit of the Windsor Report and subsequent requests from the primates of the Communion to not develop ‘public rites’.”

Connecticut: “The Bishop of Connecticut may exercise a newly canonically approved veto over parishes seeking to hire an assistant rector that do not pay their full 12½ percent diocesan assessment quota following approval of a canonical amendment by delegates during the annual convention.”

Nevada: “The Very Rev. Dan Thomas Edwards, rector of St. Francis’ Church, Macon Ga., was elected Bishop…. In the Diocese of Atlanta, Fr. Edwards served on the committee on same-sex blessings and as diocesan ecumenical officer.”

Southwest Florida: “For the first time since 2003, delegates to convention in the Diocese of Southwest Florida rejected a resolution which would have allowed congregations to redirect apportionment payments away from the program budget of the General Convention.”

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