Diocese dedicates new Bishop Walker School

The Diocese of Washington dedicated the new home of the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys last night. Emily Miller of the Georgetown Dish has the story and some very cute pictures:

BWS provides a faith-based, academically rigorous, family-oriented, and tuition-free Episcopal education to boys in chronically underserved areas east of the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C.

The church service was led by the Bishop of Washington, the Rt. Rev. John Chane. he prayed with the overflowing worshippers.

“O God, who through the love and labor of many had built us here a place of learning, growth and peace in the name of your faithful servant John Walker, and has blessed this school with honor and loyal support, ”

The current boys in pre-K and Kindergarten participated in the service, wearing their school uniforms of blue BWS blazers and khaki pants…

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