Diocese of Accra votes to ordain women

We’ve been alerted by a number of readers today that the Diocese of Accra (in Ghana), part of the Anglican Province of Western Africa, has voted to begin ordaining women in the diocese who are called to the priesthood.

From a Ghana Broadcasting Corp. story:

“The Arch-Bishop of the Province of West Africa and Accra Diocese of the Anglican Church Most Rev. Dr. Justice Offei Akrofi has declared that the Diocese of Accra has finally agreed to the ordination of women as Priests of the Church. He said the issue which has been on board for almost 10 years is a breakthrough for the Accra Diocese. He made this known at the closing ceremony of the 20th Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Accra. “

Read the full article here.

The Diocese is the home diocese of the present Primate of Province, Bishop Akrofi. The Province has allowed dioceses within the province to ordain women, and this decision brings another one into that number.

Another report of the news is posted here.

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