Diocese of Lexington elects Douglas Hahn

The Diocese of Lexington has elected the Very Rev. Dr. Douglas Hahn as their next bishop on the second ballot:

Results of Ballot 2 in alphabetical order (C=clergy, L=lay):

Ronald Abrams: 1 C, 0 L

Bruce Boss: 0 C, 1 L

Douglas Hahn: 26 C, 67 L

Santosh Marray: 17 C, 50 L

LaRae Rutenbar: 0 C, 2 L

Total votes: 44 C, 120 L

Votes to elect: 23 C, 61 L

Election complete. Bishop-Elect Douglas Hahn.

Video of bishop elect from the website election materials

Q & A, The Very Rev. Dr. Douglas Hahn from Episcopal Diocese of Lexington on Vimeo.

More here.

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