Diocese of Virginia makes its appeal to the state Supreme Court

The Diocese of Virginia has filed its appeal of the Circuit Court decision involving the diocese’s property dispute with CANA (Nigerian). From the diocese’s press release:

The Diocese is appealing on a number of grounds, including a challenge to the constitutionality of Virginia’s one-of-a-kind division statute (Va. Code § 57 9(A)) and the rulings of the Circuit Court in applying the law.

According to the filing several key issues – issues that impact people of faith throughout Virginia – are at stake:

1. Whether it is constitutional for a court to impose a congregational majority rule requirement on hierarchical churches, against their faith and traditions;

2. Whether “neutral principles” should be used for resolving property disputes between congregations and denominations; and

3. Whether property may be held in trust for hierarchical churches.

Read the full petition here.

Yesterday we reported The Falls Church, Nigerian is asking donors to redesignate gifts to its legal fund.

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