Disarray on the right?

Father Jake has beaten me to the punch with an essay pulling together some of the recent developments within the Communion, and trying to ascertain what is happening on the Anglican right.

My two cents: in political terms, we now have three camps in the Communion: liberals; people aligned with N. T. Wright and Fulcrum who hope to oust The Episcopal Church from the Communion by producing a covenant that we can’t sign; and the Akinolists, who will try (and fail) to force The Episcopal Church out of the Communion at the Primates meeting in February, and then explore the possibility to initiating a Communion-wide schism.

Of the two anti-gay factions, I am more concerned about the Wright group than the Akinola group in the long run. N. T. Wright is very good at putting a smiling, respectable facade on authoritarianism, whereas Akinola is already so thoroughly discredited that his allies don’t even make him available to the media when he visits this country.

One other thing, as I’ve mentioned before, it is possible to die of a thousand cuts, so a comprehensive strategy isn’t essential to inflicting damage on the Episcopal Church.

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