Do we need some laughs?

Scott Gunn at Inclusive Church blog wonders about all the rumors, plots and secrets and how perhaps we need to laugh at ourselves when we get caught up in them. He writes:

Our church has become a place where we need to learn to hide our work? We need to master the skill of techno-obfuscation? This veil of secrecy should reveal something to all of us. God’s love is open and transparent. In the Gospels, just as in life, the good guys don’t plot in secret. In life, as in James Bond movies, all the plotting happens secretly, sometimes even in fake volcanoes. Shouldn’t it tell us something that these dissenters gather in secrecy, to engage in secret business? Contrast that, if you will, with the progressive side. Our plans for Lambeth 2008 are right out in the open. Anyone can come to a meeting of the St. Anne’s network, and the minutes are posted for all to see. We meet in a church, not in a fake volcano.

Here’s my idea. Let’s talk about rumors, but only for humor and jest. We could use a few laughs in the Communion. And let’s stop the schoolyard whispering. It’s not polite, and it’s probably not God’s love at work.

Seems like there is something in the Bible about things done in secret —

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