Dominus Illuminatio Mea


“Creativity examines nuances and mysteries that hide behind events and concepts, to include the human heart and mind. Only when we are willing to quit “knowing” and explore those hidden variables are we willing to step up to a creative exchange of fantasy for the brilliant glitter of truth. To me this is illumination. We ask for illumination, but I’m not sure we really want it because it can hurt so bad while it hurts so good. Whichever way it hurts, it does thrill. But this examination of mystery has to be courageous enough to overpower fear or we will stay in the fantasy of darkness through lies, laziness and psychological defenses that numb and destroy us bit by bit over time. Do we really want illumination? Do we have enough courage to face the light?” ~ Jan Neal

On View: Dominus Illuminatio Mea, Photography by Jan Neal. October 2008.

About the Artist: Jan Neal is ECVA Director of Exhibitions. She blogs at Digital Art Advocate. She is a member of the Diocese of Alabama, and an Exhibiting Member of The Artist Registry.

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