Drew Brees breaks passing record

The Lead’s bloggers are excited to add to Episco-trivia. Episcopalian Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans’ Saints, broke Dan Marino’s passing record on December 26.

Previous reporting at Episcopal Café on Drew Brees and the Saints here and here and here.

Jim Naughton has nominated Grandmère Mimi and Associate Dean Kevin Goodman (St.James Cathedral, Chicago) to invite them to General Covention. See FB comments below–

Jim Naughton: I nominate @June Butler and @Kevin Goodman to invite Drew Brees to General Convention. (June Butler, Shelley Huston and 3 others like this.)

Susan Russell: Yeah!

Kevin M Goodman: I will do my best! That would be a great convention. I’ll contact my people to contact his people!

Robert Maury Hundley: fill us in. what do they bring to table? are they Dems?

Jim Naughton: ?@Robert, Kevin is assoc dean of St James Cathedral in Chi. June blogs as Gradmere Mimi and lives in Louisiana. Both are Saints fans, and I decided after last night that we had a good excuse to invite Drew Brees to General Convention. Actually, I decided after the Saints won the Super Bowl. But now I have a new opportunity to yap about it.

June Butler: I will. In what capacity? What else? Quarterback of the convention. He’d get everyone moving.

Jim Naughton: I think he should lead the House if Deputies in prayer and then have everyone run through a tunnel out onto the convention floor. Actually, though, I am serious about this. He knows how to speak about his faith in public in a compelling way.

June Butler: Great idea! Drew Brees is an all-around class act. His young son was baptized at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lakeview in NO. He makes me proud to be an Episcopalian.

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