Duin joins beliefblogscape

Updated Washington Times religion correspondent, Julia Duin, joins the field of religion journalists with blogs. Here’s how she describes her Belief Blog:

I plan to make this stand out amongst many of the current faith blogs, many of which are little more than daily religion digests with uplinks. Not here. I’m aiming at something closer to Ruth Gledhill’s Articles of Faith blog in the London Times that has juicy details not in the dead tree version. I plan to go behind the scenes, add more details and do some original reporting. I hope to spread a wide net and touch on a non-Christian religion at least once a week.

Clarification: The blog “BabyBlueOnline” says that Ms. Duin is a member of The Falls Church which is part of CANA, a church in a property dispute with the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. In an earlier version of this post, we repeated that she was a member of The Falls Church. Ms. Duin herself has written to us to tell us: “I am not a member of the Falls Church. Nor am I a member of Truro. I don’t belong to any church at present.” We regret the error.

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