Duncan to attend Minns installation

The Washington Times is saying:

Despite a general invitation to CANA-affiliated parishes in Virginia plus about 200 invitations to out-of-town church officials, most conservative Episcopal leaders are avoiding the rite.

A phone survey of 10 Episcopal dioceses that belong to the Anglican Communion Network (ACN) — a confederation that opposes the Robinson consecration — revealed that only its moderator, Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan, plans to attend. Bishop Don Harvey, moderator of the Anglican Network of Canada, has also accepted.

But Central Florida Bishop John Howe, also a conservative and Bishop Minns’ predecessor as rector of Truro, will not attend because of schedule conflicts. Rio Grande, the New Mexico diocese where Bishop Minns was under consideration for the bishop post in 2004, is sending no one.

Neither is South Carolina, a solidly conservative diocese that just elected as bishop the Rev. Mark Lawrence, who failed to get the necessary approval by two-thirds of all Episcopal bishops and their diocesan standing committees.

As more conservatives bolt the Episcopal Church, their leaders are disagreeing privately over strategy. Some prefer the ACN’s method staying in the Episcopal Church, but others say it’s time to leave.

Others say the issue is not Bishop Minns but his sponsor, the outspoken Archbishop Peter Akinola, who founded CANA as a mission of the Church of Nigeria, which he heads.

“There’s a sense that Akinola is a very strong leader. Does he want to take over?” said Bishop John Rodgers, the retired co-founder of the Anglican Mission in America, which was founded in 2000 as a U.S. breakaway group by foreign bishops.

Not all conservatives are convinced CANA wants to be a team player.

“No one can be sure if they’re competing against us or cooperating with us,” an ACN source said.

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Bishop Duncan has spoken on the reasons that he’s attending the Installation service this weekend:

“Martyn and CANA are partners with the Network. Most, if not all, CANA congregations also maintain their affiliation with us. We are fellow bishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion. I am looking forward to being part of this celebration of Martyn’s new ministry.”

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