Earth Day spiritual practices

Happy Earth Day!

How are you observing Earth Day?

Do you have spiritual practices related to observing this day?

Here at Episcopal Cafe, wee posted earlier on “Making the argument for Earth Day in spiritual terms,” check it out as you start this, the 40th, Earth Day!

Spirituality and Practice blog has 12 Spiritual Practices to Honor the Earth:

Earth Day: 12 Spiritual Practices to Honor the Earth

By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat at SpiritualityandPractice

1. Attention

The great Catholic writer Ernesto Cardenal in Abide in Love observes: “Everything in nature has a trademark, God’s trademark: the stripes on a shell and the stripes on a zebra; the grain of the wood and the veins of the dry leaf; the markings on the dragonfly’s wings and the pattern of stars on a photographic plate; the panther’s coat and the epidermal cells of the lily petal; the structure of atoms and galaxies. All bear God’s fingerprints.” Go for a walk and look for God’s trademarks. Better still, use a camera to document evidence of God’s fingerprints in the nature.

2. Being Present

Annie Dillard has written: ‘My God, what a world. There is no accounting for one second of it.” Get personal with one small piece of the Earth. Sit in the dirt in your backyard. Play in the sand at the beach. Roll in the grass. Stand under a waterfall. Sense the Earth as an animal senses it. Be really present with your planetary host.

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