Ecumenical dialogs at the point of collapse? Really?

In the ENS report earlier today on the meeting between the Executive Council and Canon Kearon of the Anglican Communion Office, it was reported that Canon Kearon explained part of the reason for the removal of Episcopalians from Anglican Communion ecumenical dialog participation because:

[..] the communion’s ecumenical dialogues “are at the point of collapse” and said that the last meeting of the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion, of which Jefferts Schori is an elected member, “was probably the worst meeting I have experienced.”

To which Bishop Epting, the former director of Ecumenical Relations for the Episcopal Church replied in the comments:

Too bad the “communion’s ecumenical dialogues are at the point of collapse” according to Kenneth Kearon. The Episcopal Church has lively full communion relationships with The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Old Catholic Churches of Utrecht, the Philippine Independent Church, the Mar Thoma Church, and fruitful dialogues with the Roman Catholic Church (ARCUSA), the Presbyterian Church USA, the United Methodist Church, the Moravians and a number of other communions.

Which leads one to wonder just what Canon Kearon was referring to exactly.

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