ECVA exhibit featured on TEC webpage

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts organization (ECVA), the group that provides the art here on the Cafe in our “Art Blog” section and that we use interstitially around the site, has a new exhibit featured on the primary denominational site of the Episcopal Church (TEC):

” A new gallery of works by Episcopal artists, titled ‘Saints & Family’ was launched this week on the homepage of Episcopal Church’s web site.

The images and icons span the history of the Christian church, beginning with the announcement of the birth of Jesus through to the present decade. As with the preceding gallery, ‘The Faces of Christ,’ which debuted with the unveiling of the church’s redesigned web site two years ago, members of the Episcopal Church and Visual Arts collaborated in the development of this new gallery.

‘These images and icons of saints and Jesus’ family invite us into an intimate space where we see the sacred and human come together in art,’ says the curator’s statement that accompanies the gallery. ‘A mother holds her tender, holy child. A father fishes with his Savior son. Cousins comfort each other and point to a new way. An apostle pauses, inspired, imprisoned. An abbess and abbot lead their flocks wisely. A Cheyenne chief and Chinese priest embrace the Word. A freed slave leads us to deeper truths.’

All who are depicted in the art are celebrated in the church’s calendar each year, either on major feast days or in the propers in the Book of Common Prayer that commemorates the lives of martyrs, missionaries, pastors, theologians, teachers and monastics.

Five of the selections of art were featured in the Visual Prelude, a series of works from many Episcopal artists shown on a giant screen preceding daily worship at the 2006 General Convention last summer. All of the art has been created by members of the Episcopal Church and Visual Arts or for Episcopal worship spaces.”

Read the rest: Episcopal Life Online – ARTS

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