EDS partners with Lesley University

Episcopal Divinity School has announced a new partnership with Lesley University and made an official announcement about the resignation of Dean Steven Charleston (which we covered here).

The partnership includes the sale of buildings to Lesley University, academic program enhancements, and shared facilities for such uses a library, student dining and services, and campus maintenance. EDS will retain ownership of 13 buildings on its eight acre campus. This partnership is part of a larger strategic plan developed by EDS designed to ensure the long-term viability of the seminary.

Episcopal Divinity School President and Dean Steven Charleston and Lesley University President Joseph B. Moore hailed the agreement as one that supports the missions of both schools – providing needed facilities for planned growth at Lesley University and a strong financial foundation for EDS.


The partnership announcement follows last week’s announcement by Charleston of his planned resignation on June 30, 2008. Last summer, he spoke with trustees about his interest in making plans to leave EDS, wanting to time his departure so that it would dovetail with EDS’ plans for the future. With the Lesley partnership and the strategic plan in place, Charleston determined that the end of the current academic year presented a good opportunity for a change in leadership. In a February 28, 2008 letter to the EDS community and alumni/ae, Charleston wrote, “The time has come for me to say farewell to EDS and let others carry on with both the hard work and exciting times to come. After almost a decade at EDS, I see that our school has become one of the brightest lights in the Episcopal Church. Now I need to bring my tenure at EDS to a close so new leadership can carry out the next phase of growth for our school.”

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