Ekklesia: Anglicans upholding LGBT persecution in Carribean

From Ekklesia:

In Belize, criminalisation of gay sex, introduced under British colonial rule, is being challenged in the courts. Leading activist Caleb Orozco of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UniBAM) has been verbally attacked and had a bottle smashed in his face for battling a law under which “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” can lead to ten years’ imprisonment.

His critics include Pastor Scott Stirm of the anti-LGBT group Belize Action. According to a flyer from this group, UniBAM is “bringing foreign attorneys from foreign homosexual organisations with huge foreign funding to impose their foreign values” – though Stirm is himself from Texas in the USA. They have tried to make out that legalisation will put children at risk.

However, mainstream churches too have joined the campaign to resist decriminalisation, including Anglican and Roman Catholic leaders.

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