Election day communion: choose to remember

The Election Day Communion Campaign is a creation of Mark Schloneger (Pastor, North Goshen Mennonite Church; Goshen, IN), Kevin Gasser (Pastor, Staunton Mennonite Church; Staunton, VA) and Ben Irwin (Creator, The Story; Member, Episcopal Church; Grand Rapids, MI) which grew out of “…a concern that Christians in the United States are being shaped more by the tactics and ideologies of political parties than by their identity in and allegiance to Jesus.”

This has led to their appeal on their website and on Facebook:

On November 6, 2012, Election Day,

we will exercise our right to choose.

Some of us will choose to vote for Barack Obama.

Some of us will choose to vote for Mitt Romney.

Some of us will choose to vote for another candidate.

Some of us will choose not to vote.

During the day of November 6, 2012, we will make different choices for different reasons, hoping for different results.

But that evening while our nation turns its attention to the outcome of the presidential election, let’s again choose differently. But this time, let’s do it together.

Let’s meet at the same table, with the same host, to remember the same things.

The website lists things that “we are to remember”, along with participants, supporters, and resources for the day.

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