Emerging church talks about ecclesiology

F. LeRon Shults discusses the ecclesiology of emerging churches in his article in Theology Today. From the abstract of the essay:

The rapid growth of “emerging churches” worldwide provided a new opportunity for reflection on the nature and task of the church. This article briefly outlines some of the tensions this movement raises in relation to the traditional “marks” of the church (one, holy, catholic, and apostolic). It identifies some ways toward a reconstructive and reformative ecclesiology that also recognizes that followers of the way of Christ are multiple, embedded, particular and hospitable.

Read the article here.

Home Brewed Christianity has a podcast of a discussion with Shults about his article:

LeRon Shults is back on the podcast! This podcast is like none other……why? LeRon is sharing an article with us AND has said he would love to dialogue with listeners\readers\Deacons in the comments of the post. Ohh did I mention LeRon will ask the question, “Should affluent white men be ordained?” So enjoy the podcast, share the podcast, read the article, and do not forget to drop LeRon your question, comment, or shout out.

H/T to Emergent Village Weblog.

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