End gay marriage, or we’ll end up with more people like these two

From the wedding announcements in The New York Times comes further evidence that tolerating gay relationships is inviting all sorts of undesireables into the Episcopal Church. Next thing you know, the church will be filled with people trying to help those who are less fortunate than they are. And then where would we be?

The two men met online in April 2007, and not long afterward discovered a cause that would become their bond — the fight against the child sex trade in Cambodia. They eventually met Somaly Mam, a Cambodian woman who had been forced into prostitution as a child and now leads efforts to combat the trade. They began helping her fledgling foundation in the United States.

Mr. Angelo said that his enthusiasm and Mr. MacDougall’s expertise — he had once worked for the Rockefeller Foundation — fit very well.

“Scott’s background has been nonprofits, and I’m just sort of a bleeding heart,” he said. “We really learned about partnership through our work helping to aid these girls who are survivors of sex trafficking.”

Mr. Angelo added, “He brought the missing piece to my life.”

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