Episcopal Church in South Carolina files motion to dismiss

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina:

The Episcopal Church and its local diocese, The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, have asked the state court in Dorchester County to dismiss a lawsuit filed last month by a group that left the church in 2012.

The Motion to Dismiss, filed December 15, is in response to a new complaint filed by the breakaway group on November 19 in the Circuit Court in St. George. The suit cites the little-used “betterments statute” to seek compensation from TECinSC and The Episcopal Church for the cost of improvements made to the properties over the years. The new action followed a decision by the South Carolina Supreme Court on August 2 in favor of The Episcopal Church and TECinSC.
Read the Motion to Dismiss here.
According to Chancellor Thomas S. Tisdale Jr. of The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, the plaintiffs will have an opportunity to respond to the motion before a hearing is scheduled on the motion. No date has been set at this time, he said.



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