Episcopal bishop of Pittsburgh reaches out

Bishop Kenneth L. Price, The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh’s new bishop, has written to dozens of congregations to address their concerns about the Episcopal Church.

Pittsburgh Bishop Invites Parish Leaders to Discuss Differences

Press Release from the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

“You may be surprised to receive this” begins a letter Bishop Price mailed on January 20th to lay leaders and clergy of 40 congregations that have not actively participated in the Episcopal Church since October 2008. Bishop Price asks that his letter be received in a “conciliatory spirit.”

In it, the bishop invites face-to-face meetings where he can respond to criticisms and misunderstandings, and to learn of each congregation’s “hopes, desires, and concerns for the future.”

“This is all toward seeking an understanding and reconciliation of how each of us, even if we disagree, can still serve our one Lord and Savior,” Bishop Price says about his letter and its intended results.

Bishop Price’s letter can be viewed here

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