Episcopal church burned by arson set to reopen

Trinity Episcopal Church in Bend, OR, is less than two weeks from reopening its building.

The fire happened back in March, and the amount of damage was finally shared with the public five months later as rebuilding was underway.

The Bulletin reports on the planned reopening:

(Senior Warden Pete) Lovering said the space should feel familiar for members of the church, though nearly every visible element inside the building has been replaced.

What wasn’t burned at St. Helens Hall was severely smoke-damaged, Lovering said. Contractors completely rebuilt the roof and replaced all of the drywall. Lovering, who spent his career in construction, said even elements he didn’t know could be susceptible to smoke damage — like metal doors and porcelain fixtures in the restrooms — were deemed too damaged to clean up and keep….

“The Catholic church (St. Francis of Assisi) has been wonderfully generous in allowing us the use of their space and allowing us to have services every week. They’ve been really good,” he said.

The first services on Jan. 19 will be followed by a more formal dedication ceremony planned for Feb. 2 at St. Helens Hall. The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon will visit to consecrate the altar, and the congregation has invited all of the firefighters and police who responded on the night of the fires.

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