Episcopal Peace Fellowship on the war in Afghanistan

Episcopal Peace Fellowship issued a statement on the strategy for war in Afghanistan:

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship calls on President Obama and Congress to rethink their strategy on the Afghanistan War. EPF believes that intensified hostilities undermine the function of international law in the struggle against terrorism and generate a cycle of violence, chaos and evil that is antithetical to the teachings and example of Jesus.

Additionally, we continue to be alarmed by the application of Just War Theory to escalate our troop levels in this war. The Episcopal Church continues to reflect on the applicability of this theory to contemporary modes of conflict, and we encourage all Episcopalians to familiarize themselves with the House of Bishops Theology Committee’s report on Just War Theory and to see Episcopal Cafe’s summation of the ongoing dialogue on Just War Theory taking place in this Church.

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What do you think about the current strategy and how can women and men who have stepped out to claim their rights due to our commitments be protected?

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