Episcopal Youth Event to be held at Villanova University next July

From the Episcopal Church’s Office of Public Affairs:

[June 8, 2013] The popular Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) will be held at Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia, PA. Slated for July 9-13, 2014, EYE14 is being planned in partnership with the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

The announcement was made June 8 by Bishop Clifton Daniel of the Diocese of Pennsylvania, to Executive Council, currently meeting in Maryland.

“Villanova University offers a scenic setting, with ample facilities for all the activities we are planning for EYE14,” Bronwyn Clark Skov, Episcopal Church Youth Ministries Officer, explained. “Villanova is well known for its academics as well as its athletics, and its prime location near public transportation makes it an ideal place for our gathering.”

The 2014 event marks the twelfth EYE and remains a popular and well-attended event. EYE 2014 is geared for youth in grades 9-12 during the 2013-2014 academic year and their adult leaders.

Planning team

Skov said that the planning team has met; activities topics, themes and worship services are being addressed.

Planning team members are:


• Thomas Alexander, Diocese of Arkansas, Province 7

• Madeline Carroll, Diocese of Milwaukee, Province 5

• Whitney Chapman, Diocese of West Virginia, Province 3

• Ariana Gonzalez-Bonillas, Diocese of Arizona, Province 8

• Lillian Hardaway, Diocese of Upper South Carolina, Province 4

• Angela Hudnell, Diocese of Ohio, Province 5

• Cydney Jackson, Diocese of San Diego, Province 8

• Casey Nakamura, Diocese of Hawaii, Province 8

• Kayden Nasworthy, Diocese of Massachusetts, Province 1

• Joseph Prickett, Diocese of Nebraska, Province 6

• Justin Thao, Diocese of Minnesota, Province 6

• Hauseng Vang, Diocese of Minnesota, Province 6

• Roger Villatoro, Diocese of Southeast Florida, Province 4

• Rosanna Vizcaino, Diocese of the Dominican Republic, Province 9


• Arlette Benoit, Diocese of Atlanta, Province 4

• Vincent Black, Diocese of Ohio, Province 5

• Randy Callender, Diocese of Maryland, Province 3

• Cookie Cantwell, Diocese of East Carolina, Province 4

• Randall Curtis, Diocese of Arizona, Province 7

• Earl Gibson, Diocese of Los Angeles, canonically resident in Diocese of Arizona, Province 8

• Andrew Kellner, Diocese of Pennsylvania, Province 3

• Shannon Kelly, Diocese of Southern Ohio, canonically resident in Diocese of Milwaukee, Province 5

• Abigail Moon, Diocese of Florida, Province 4

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