ERD, local dioceses support tornado-ravaged town

The news from Greenburg, Kansas, this weekend has been heart-wrenching. A tornado devastated the town in mere minutes (photos here), and uplifting stories of survival and hope have alternated with tragic tales of loss.

Rains accompanying the storm have added to the tragedy by causing heavy flooding throughout the state. Episcopal Life Online reports on a May 7 letter from Bishop Dean E. Wolfe of Kansas:

…more than 90 percent of the town had been destroyed, and victims and survivors were still being discovered. He offered prayers for those who have lost loved ones.

Wolfe noted that Kansas state has also been affected by widespread flooding in the aftermath of these tremendous storms. “Many are finding themselves displaced by these floods, and we anticipate damages in the aftermath of this flooding to be substantial,” he said.

The Kansas diocesan office and conference center have flooded basements due to heavy rains, Wolfe reported in his letter. “The diocesan office had three inches of water that damaged records and other stored items. The Bethany Place Conference Center has 16 inches of standing water, and we are told the boiler and water heater will need to be replaced. We are quick to realize how fortunate we have been in comparison to the losses sustained by others.”

The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas is working closely with ERD and the Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas to coordinate an effective response to this situation, Wolfe said. “We are people who believe thoughts and prayer must be accompanied by resources and action when neighbors are in need. We join with our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas to offer whatever help we can, and we stand together as Kansans in this time of need.”

The article goes on to note that contributions for local needs and to assist ERD in responding to the needs of victims throughout the state can be made to:

The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas

Tornado and Flood Relief

835 SW Polk Street

Topeka, KS 66612

The complete article, including a link to Bishop Wolfe’s letter, is here.

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