Evangelicals on immigration reform

Given statements at many levels of the Episcopal Church calling for comprehensive immigration reform, and the recent actions of Episcopal bishops across the South, it looks like there may be a chance for some new allies coming from the Evangelicals in America.

“The evangelical Christian college in Greene County, east of Dayton, is hosting the G92 Immigration Conference, headlined by a list of high-profile evangelicals.

The conference began last night and continues today and Saturday.

The name G92 comes from the 92 passages in the Old Testament in which the Hebrew word ger occurs. The word is translated into stranger, alien and sojourner.

The idea is that, “as Christians, principles of Scripture should guide how we think about immigration,” said Carl Ruby, vice president for student life at Cedarville University. He hopes the conference encourages “a mindset to minister to these people,” he said.

Evangelicals often are associated with being pushy in advancing a conservative political agenda, he said. He hopes this issue provides a chance to serve instead.”

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A number of Roman Catholic bishops have also released statements to similar effect. Perhaps there’s a broad consensus forming among churches.

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