Evangelism on Christmas Eve: #nativityvigil

Christmas and Easter are perhaps the only two times of the year when people who generally ignore the church take at least a momentary interest in it. They are, therefore the two times of the year when it is most helpful to post the times–and perhaps the nature–of your services not only on your website, but on social media as well.

And can we suggest that if you are going to tweet about your experience in church tonight–be it before the service, during or after–that you use the hashtag #nativityvigil

We know that not everyone is comfortable tweeting during church, in which case you shouldn’t do it. And we’ve been made aware that some people consider it rude. But we think the Episcopal Church could do with a little more of Paul of Tarsus, and a little less of Emily of Post in this regard.

What other ideas do you have for letting people know what our churches are up to in the next few days?

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