Evidence of mass grave “devastating”


Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail of the Episcopal Diocese of Kadugli has said it is “devastating and saddening” to learn that his people of the South Kordofan region, “friends, brothers and sisters, children, my flock, have been killed mercilessly and are lying now in mass graves in Kadugli.”

Elnail was responding to the Enough Project’s Satellite Sentinel report that revealed the extent of the atrocities committed along the north-south border in recent weeks and identified what it says are three vast excavated sites used to dump the bodies of those who’ve been slaughtered.

Richard Parkins, director of the American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, said in a statement e-mailed to Episcopal News Service that he understands that “the scene of the mass killings, the presence of bodies and body bags and mass graves” is adjacent to the Episcopal Church of Sudan compound in Kadugli. Many members of the Diocese of Kadugli are believed to be among the dead.

Read the rest of Matthew Davies’ fine reporting here.

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