Ex-DJ webcasts Morning Prayer

[T]he Rev. [Dr.] Chip Lee is fortunate if he preaches to 100 souls on a Sunday.

But the former disc jockey-turned-Episcopal priest has hit on another way to reach the faithful.

Once a week or so, Lee settles into the professional recording studio in his house here at the far end of the Maryland panhandle [in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland], cues the New Age sound of an American Indian flutist and, in a velvety baritone smoothed by 30 years in radio, begins to read from the Book of Common Prayer.

The podcasts he produces — of Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer and the end-of-the-day prayer called Compline — have expanded Lee’s ministry from the wooded mountains of Maryland’s western extreme to a global congregation. This spring, the four-year-old effort claimed 50,000 downloads a month, from Anglicans on every continent and Christians of every stripe. And the number continues to grow.

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The link to the podcasts is here.

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