Exhuming Newman

Another story perhaps lost in the Lambeth avalanche was Jonathan Wynne-Jones’ article on the exhumation of Cardinal John Henry Newman, a candidate for sainthood in the Catholic Church, who was buried with his best friend, Ambrose St. John ( a name which the English pronounce “Sinjin” or “Wuster”, or something like that)

It was Cardinal Newman’s dying wish that he be buried with his closest friend in the grounds of the house they had shared as priests.

But now, nearly 120 years after his death, Britain’s most famous convert to Roman Catholicism is to be reinterred in a sarcophagus in preparation for his becoming a saint, leaving the remains of his friend behind.

The decision to separate the remains of John Henry Newman and Ambrose St John has upset figures in the Church and led some to question whether it is embarrassed about their relationship.

Andrew Sullivan’s take is highly entertaining.

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