Final day of General Convention underway

Today is the final day of General Convention. Much of the most significant legislative work has been done. The Official Youth Presence has gone home. But business goes on.

Today the Deputies will receive legislation that would allow a diocese to dissolve its relationship with a bishop. This legislation has passed the House of Bishops.

The Bishops will receive legislation on the relationship between Baptism and Communion in the Episcopal Church. This legislation has passed the House of Deputies.

The Deputies have just passed legislation that would get rid of almost all CCABs (Commission, Committees, Agencies and Boards) and replace them with task forces. It isn’t clear whether there will be time for this resolution to get to the House of Bishops.

Today is the final day in office for Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies. It is the Rev Gregory Straub’s last day on legislative service. He is retiring later in the year.

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