Fitbit for the soul?

SoulPulse tracks patterns of spiritual living according to Vox:

feature-track.pngToday’s technology allows you to track any number of things, from the number of steps you walk each day, to the length of your individual sleep cycle. And now there’s an app that claims it can track something even less tangible: spiritual progress.

It’s called SoulPulse, and it was created by various psychologists and sociologists with the intentions of tracking broad patterns of spiritual living among the general population. Or at least, among the population of those who have smartphones. So far, there are a little over 2,300 registered users. The makers of the app say on their FAQ page that registration isn’t limited to one spiritual tradition: “SoulPulse is open to all people regardless of religious belief. Participants who don’t believe in God can respond about a higher power or whatever is holy to them.”

Here’s how SoulPulse works. When you register for the app, you’ll take a survey answering questions about your health, your personality traits, your past religious experiences, etc. Then over the next two weeks, you’ll take spiritual surveys twice a day on your smartphone where you’ll report on, say, how joyful you feel, or how strongly your awareness of God is in any given moment. When the two weeks are up, the app will then compare your daily surveys against the first survey, and will send you an animated, interactive report tracking just how much spiritual progress you made over the 14 days.

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