Flooding in Australia

Pray for safety of those in the path of the flooding in Australia. The Courier Mail reports:

A body of floodwater larger than Sydney Harbour threatens Brisbane, with only the Wivenhoe Dam’s 2.3km-long earthen wall standing in its path.

Police are advising people near the Brisbane River at West End to move to higher ground.

“The Brisbane River has risen and we are starting to see the water enter streets in the low lying areas of West End.” a police spokesman said.

This comes after Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman warned yesterday that more water was flowing into the Wivenhoe Dam than the Brisbane River had received in the 1974 floods.

The Brisbane City Council last night issued a warning for residents in more than 30 suburbs to expect flooding.

Video from Toowoomba in Queensland.

The Anglican Church in Australia has issued this report:

Melburnians have been encouraged to offer financial support to the victims of the devastating floods which have ravaged Queensland over the past weeks and which appear set to continue to claim lives, homes, crops and businesses.

Archbishop of Melbourne Dr Philip Freier urged Melbourne Anglicans to support the Australian Anglican Primate’s appeal for parishes and families affected by the floods.

“Clergy are assisting efforts to care for those most affected by the crisis. This care will continue long after the crisis is over as people repair and rebuild their homes and livelihoods. Parishes which have been hit hard economically will struggle for some time to pay stipends and other operating costs at a time when demands on clergy are greatest,” said Archbishop Philip Aspinall, Primate of the Anglican Church in Australia.

More info here and here.

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UPDATE: more on Australian floods and the church from Episcopal News Service

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