Flooding in Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic


In the southern Mexican state of Tabasco, a week of heavy rainfall caused massive flooding, killing one person and forcing nearly a million people to escape the rising waters by seeking higher ground. In neighboring Chiapas, four people were killed and 7,000 were evacuated due to floods.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon visited the region and offered “all help humanly possible” to the more than 300,000 Tabasco residents whose homes were flooded or damaged and to the thousands of farmers whose entire harvests were destroyed….


Hurricane Noel, originally a tropical storm that grew to a Category 1 hurricane, swept across the Dominican Republic, Haiti, the Bahamas, and Cuba causing severe flooding and mudslides killing at least 140 people. The storm is now the deadliest to hit the Atlantic region during the 2007 hurricane season….

Episcopal Relief and Development is responding. For ways to help follow either link above. Or go to er-d.org.

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