FOCA wants to reduce Canterbury’s role

The Anglican provinces that aligned themselves as part of the GAFCON movement, now described as FOCA (Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans), are meeting in England at the moment. As part of their work, they are suggesting that the Anglican Communion be reorganized in a way that the leadership selection is done by election not by tradition.

“Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, leader of Kenya’s 13 million Anglicans, said there needed to be a ‘radical shift’ in how the church is run.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, the leader of 23 million Anglicans in Nigeria, said that while the historic position of the Archbishop of Canterbury would always be respected he should be seen as ‘one of’ many primates.

[…]He went on: ‘It is not something that should remain permanent that the Archbishop of Canterbury – whether he understands the dynamics in Africa or not – remains the chair and whatever he says, whether it works or not, is an order.

‘No I think if we are to move forward we have to reconsider that position.’

He added: ‘At the moment it seems that the Church in England isn’t carrying along everybody in the Communion and that is why of course you can see that there is a crisis, so if we must solve the problem we must change our system.’”

More from the BBC coverage here.

Thinking Anglicans, as usual, has excellent additional coverage of the story.

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