Fort Worth open for business; celebrates, introduces transparency

As the Episcopal News Service reports, the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is back to business:

About 400 delegates and overflow visitors who filled the 116-year-old Trinity Church and its parish hall on Fort Worth’s south side for a February 7 special organizing convention celebrated being “called to life” anew and getting back to the business of being the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. About 19 clergy and 62 lay delegates representing 31 congregations unanimously elected the Rt. Rev. Edwin “Ted” Gulick, bishop of Kentucky, as provisional bishop by a voice vote in clergy and lay orders.

Convention delegates approved a $632,466 budget, which included $200,000 from the national church; the balance was pledged by the continuing congregations. In addition to administrative costs, the budget includes funding for Hispanic ministries.

Unanimously approved by voice vote were resolutions to fill vacancies in diocesan offices created by the departed diocese; to bring the diocesan constitution and canons into conformity with TEC; and to introduce transparency in diocesan activities.

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Katie Sherrod has a first hand report, well worth reading in its entirety:

Then Bishop Katharine joined the procession. As it began moving, the crosses and candles and colorful vestments and smiles and tears of joy caused one news photographer ask me, “This is amazing. Do you guys do this every Sunday?”

As the procession entered the church, a woman turned and saw Katharine and burst into tears. Katharine stopped, put her hands on her shoulders and said, ‘Everything’s going to be all right.”

The joyful singing almost took the roof off….

The presiding bishop’s sermon is here.

Elected to the Standing Committee were Anne Bass, Walter Cabe and Margaret Mieuli, lay members; The Rev. J. Frederick Barber, The Rev. Christopher Jambor and The Rev. David Madison, clerical members. Deputies to General Convention are: Margaret Mieuli, Katie Sherrod, Kathleen Wells, Susan Reeves and Victoria Prescott (alternate) as lay deputies; The Rev. J. Frederick Barber, The Rev. Christopher Jambor, The Rev. Courtland Moore, The Rev. David Madison, Deacon Janet Nocher (alternate) and The Rev. Bruce Coggin (alternate) as clerical deputies.

The convention was webcast live.


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