Fr. Cutié writes book, and raises eyebrows

Padre Alberto Cutié releases a book and reflects on the Roman Catholic church, falling in love, and his own journey of faith.

Padre Alberto Cutié eyes sins and sensibility in new book

New York Daily News

When photos of Miami priest Alberto Cutié frolicking on a South Florida beach with his girlfriend surfaced in 2009, it was more than a clergyman caught in a sex scandal.

Padre Alberto, as he’s known, was a household name in U.S. Latin enclaves and Latin America, a handsome TV and radio personality, columnist, best-selling author and spiritual adviser to Hispanic celebrities.

“My story wasn’t unique, my story was public,” says Cutié, via phone from his new parish, the Church of the Resurrection, an Episcopal Church in Biscayne Park where he now lives as a married priest and new dad.

“One hundred thousand Roman Catholic priests have married in the last 50 years or more,” he adds, “but because I was such a public persona, I had a responsibility that others don’t to tell it like it is.”

Priest finds new love with wife, loses love for church

From RNS

The Rev. Albert Cutie saw a lot of things in his 14 years as a Catholic priest while church officials looked the other way: priests who got caught with prostitutes, priests who lived with their gay partners, and men of the cloth who kept one bed in the rectory and another with their mistress.

“In the Roman Catholic Church, a scandal is not really a scandal until it becomes public,” Cutie writes in his new book, “Dilemma: A Priest’s Struggle with Faith and Love,” which hits stores Tuesday (Jan. 4).

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