Friday reflections

Psalm 140, 142

Numbers 24:1-13

Romans 8:12-17

Matthew 22:15-22

“Deliver me, O LORD, from evildoers;

protect me from the violent,

Who devise evil in their hearts

and stir up strife all day long.” Psalm 140

Protect me from them

Protect them from me

Take away the vat of violence

A stew with chunks of anger

and herbs of hatred.

Give us the bread of you presence

to cool the burning tongue.

“I look to my right hand and find no one who knows me;*

I have no place to flee to, and no one cares for me.

I cry out to you, O LORD;*

I say, ‘You are my refuge,

my portion in the land of the living.'” Psalm 142

Desolate stranger

seeking solace

Surrounded by life


As a child lost in a crowd.

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