From California judge to Episcopal priest

Third District Court of Appeal Justice Rodney Davis is leaving the judiciary after 25 years to become an Episcopal priest…Davis, 59, explained that he was only stepping down now because the idea of becoming a priest had “captured my heart,” and added that he hopes to be ordained as a parish priest in June.

A longtime Episcopalian, he said that he considered the idea of joining the priesthood in the 1970s, but decided not pursue it at the time. However, he said the idea continued to evolve over time, and that approximately seven years ago he began to seriously explore and work toward achieving it on the advice of his mentor priest.

He also said that he expects to miss being a judge, and that there will be times when he will wonder whether he left the bench too soon.

“I loved this work, and my colleagues were marvelous” he explained, adding that he would not be stepping down but for the chance to become a priest.

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