G-dcast is an experiment to increase Jewish Biblical literacy. Watch this one about the Exodus. Links to other stories here. Some of the re-telling of these stories is difficult for me to accept but then the next video will have more of the story from an entirely different point of view. Just like reading the Bible! Think Midrash. I love the stories – even a hip hop Jacob. Look for it.

Parshat Beshalach from G-dcast.com

More Torah cartoons at here

More about the project and its mission below:

From the G-dcast website

What is this?!

G-dcast is an experiment. We’re going to tell the story of the whole Torah, over the course of a year, through 54 cartoon parshas. (A parsha is a Torah portion, basically a chunk of the Old Testament.)

The core team is three people from different Jewish backgrounds. None of us are the same in our outlook. One of us grew up Reform, one of us Orthodox, and one of us on a mountaintop surrounded by non-Jews. We are all experts in different ways, but what brings us together is excitement about the array of voices out there in the Jewish world. We are inspired by all kinds of storytellers – teachers, rabbis, musicians, comedians, activists and the occasional regular schmuck with something good to say.

Our mission

G-dcast’s goal is to raise basic Jewish literacy in an accessible, fun way. These stories belong to all of us, regardless of how old we are when we hear them for the first time. The Torah is a deep, endless text that can bring Jews together, whether it guides our lives religiously, spiritually, intellectually, or simply as something to get together and gab about.

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