Gather me into one

Daily Reading for September 18 • Edward Bouverie Pusey, Priest, 1882

Let nothing disturb my soul, fixed on Thee;

nothing weary it, stayed on Thee;

nothing draw it down, upheld by Thee, in Thee;

nothing turn it aside, directed by Thee, unto Thee.

O gather me into one, and gather me unto Thee;

knit my soul in one and knit it into Thyself,

that with my whole heart I may seek Thee,

and seeking Thee may find Thee,

and finding Thee may stretch forth anew unto Thee,

and never cease or fail to stretch forth unto Thee,

until in the end, by Thy grace and mercy, I may arrive at Thee.

O my Jesus, my Saviour,

be Thou Thyself the Way for me unto Thyself, the Life.

Draw me each day, if it be but a little nearer unto Thee;

make me, each day, if it be but a little less unlike Thee;

let me do or bear, each day something, for love of Thee,

whereby, through Thy Grace, I may be fitter for Thee, to behold Thee.

Give me a good heart in all things,

to do all things in love of Thee,

for love of Thee;

and by doing or bearing something for love of Thee,

may I come to love Thee more.

From an evening prayer in Private Prayers by E. B. Pusey, edited by H. P. Liddon (London: Rivingtons, 1884).

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