Gay marriage IS a defense of marriage act

Susan Russell, President of Integrity writes:

BREAKING NEWS FROM MASSACHUSETTS! Gay Marriage IS a “defense of marriage act!”

Turns out the more who are married the merrier! Check out this YouTube moment from Rachel Maddow — with the “breaking news” that the great state of Massachusetts … first in the country to achieve marriage equality … has achieved something else:

And this from Petula Dvorak in the Washington Post.

The argument over whether same-sex couples should marry in the District is about a decade past its expiration date. The reality of people’s lives long ago outstripped the usefulness of the gay marriage debate.

You can go to just about any public space in this city today and see same-sex couples: Two women picking over the tomatoes at the Anacostia farmers market; two men taking notes at a PTA meeting on Capitol Hill; two women arguing in a Georgetown restaurant over who does the dishes and who pays the bills — the things all married couples do.

And these are things that most same-sex couples feel comfortable and safe doing practically everywhere in Washington. That’s been the case here for at least a decade. The city boasts one of the most visible, vibrant gay and lesbian communities in the country.

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